Roulette is a game of chance that promises solid wins and tempts many with its simple rules. Although there are no complex rules or game specs to remember, many players, especially beginners, make rash mistakes that minimize their chance of winning. We do not want you to join the army of losers and have made the list of the most common erroneous actions committed by casino visitors.

No-Go #1 — Wrong Choice of Roulette

There are several types of roulette with different game features. It is better to pick the European version of the game you are aimed at mastering the skills to place bets. The American version (the one with two zero sections) gives more advantages to the gambling establishment, so the risk of losing increases significantly. If you are tempted to play a new variation of roulette, and some casinos offer such opportunities, it is advisable to study the statistics of winnings and familiarize yourself with the rules in detail.

No-Go #2 — Buying a Winning System

On the Internet, you can easily find the winning strategy offers that you can buy. All of them claim to be effective. Unfortunately, this is a trap. The game allows the development of a strategy that increases the player’s chances of winning the jackpot. However, a 100% positive outcome cannot be guaranteed. Instead of purchasing a particular betting system, we recommend starting with free roulette games. 

No-Go #3 — Learn to Play for Real Money

The belief that newbies are lucky doesn’t work. Luck accompanies only trained beginners, so it is better to learn the basics of roulette at a demo table using virtual funds. So you can learn the rules, develop a specific strategy, which significantly increases the chances of winning.

No-Go #4 — Bets on Specific Numbers

Beginners should place outside bets: on even-odd numbers, small-large, red-black. Although the winnings for them are small, the probability of winning is higher than when choosing a specific number.

No-Go #5 — No Loss or Win Limit

In order not to lose the entire deposit, it is important to set the maximum allowable loss and winnings for yourself before starting the game. If a player does not have such limits, he can either lose everything or waste a solid win the same evening. Many people make a bet that they are not ready to lose. This is a very common mistake.

No-Go #6 — Sticking to the Previous Bet

Roulette has no memory, so you shouldn’t take into account the results of previous games. You can only count on the theory of probability, but many players do not take this fact into account. 

Are We Good to Go Now?

We do hope that the above tips were useful for you and that you will use this knowledge when launching the roulette game the next time.

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