If you have played in the online casinos ever in your life, then you have probably come across such popular games as Mega Fortune Dreams, Hall of Gods, and Mega Moolah. If not, then you should have heard about progressive jackpots that reach mind-blowing amounts. In this guide, we will talk about how progressive jackpots work, what key features of video slots make you closer to the grand prize, and give an example of the best jackpot games.

Basic Features of Progressive Jackpots

Before talking about how progressive jackpots work, let us mention two main types of online slots that offer such a grand prize:

  • Standalone progressive jackpot slots — the jackpot is formed within the framework of one specific game and increases every time players place a bet on it;
  • Network progressive jackpot slots — several slot games are combined into one “family,” which accumulates a total jackpot. Its size is usually much higher than in standalone jackpot slots. It is the second type of progressive jackpots that can be found most often in online casinos.

Standard video slots differ from jackpot slots in that a player can win only a strictly fixed amount in them, while the amount of progressive jackpots is constantly growing. In such slots, a small percentage of each bet goes to the total prize pool. The grand prize continues to grow until someone hits the jackpot. Then the whole process is repeated.

When playing slots with progressive jackpots, there are some basic features to keep in mind if you want to win some money, of course. First, online casinos always display the jackpot size at the moment. Usually, it is obviously in the game itself, or you can also check for the info in the game description. Secondly, not all players know that the larger the bet in this type of slot, the higher the chance of getting the coveted jackpot. Of course, not everyone can take advantage of the Max Bet feature, but remember that in progressive jackpot games it is best to wager as much as you can afford.

What Are the Chances of Hitting the Jackpot?

The following rule works when you play jackpot slots: the higher the possible winning is — the fewer chances of getting it you have. It is similar to the lottery: the more people play, the lower your chances are.

Unlike standard video slots, it is extremely difficult to determine the probability of hitting the progressive jackpot since such games are very dynamic. The temptation to win huge sums is great, but it’s hardly a good idea to use your entire bankroll on one game. It is a way better to focus on a few standard video slots with good RTP and try your luck at jackpot games from time to time. However, in case you are a high-roller hunting for a massive win, then you should try the following games: Joker Millions, Arabian Nights, Mega Fortune Dreams, Mega Moolah, and Mega Moolah Isis.

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